Region Kagoshima
Hours 9:00am – 2:00am
Price 23,000 JPY / 60 min〜

Kagoshima female enrollment is overwhelmingly No. 1★Kagoshima’s largest enrollment★
Established 20 years ago with the support of our customers★
With our trust and track record, you won’t regret it! !
[20 years in business] [No. 1 in Kagoshima in number of reviews] [Largest number of employees] Furthermore, due to thorough employee training, we have always been well-received by our reception staff over the phone.

20 years of being loved by customers. We will continue to aim to be a trusted store so that everyone can use our store with peace of mind.

You are sure to find your type. Please feel free to call us first.

60min 23,000yen
120min 46,000yen

Cosplay/Pantyhose Free
Rotor/vibrator +2,000yen
Urination/masturbation viewing +3,000 yen